7 Freelance Jobs Perfect For Beginners

If you are beginner with limited experience who would like to obtain a freelance job, then you have many options available. Perhaps you are a college student with a flexible schedule and you want to make a few dollars in between classes. Or maybe you are a stay at home parent and want to supplement your income while also taking care of your family. If you have limited work experience, you can still make a great deal of income by freelancing. So, what are the popular freelancing jobs available for beginners?

Starting a Blog

If you are interested in writing, you may want to start a blog. Many people start blogs to document travel experiences, share fashion choices, and write about recipes. With blog writing, the choice is yours when deciding upon a topic.

Once you have developed your blog, you then should market it to the public. Many bloggers use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to encourage individuals to visit their blog. You should also rely on word of mouth to promote your blog to those you meet casually in public.

From there, you can monetize your blog to make a few dollars. Although most bloggers rarely become rich off their blog, you can make a substantial amount of money by utilizing services such as Google Adsense and even Amazon. You can also reach out to other companies and ask if they would like you to promote their items. There are many ways that you can make money off your site so investigate all of your options thoroughly.

Freelance Writer/Translator

If you like to write, you have other options available online to make additional money. You can promote yourself and write online web content for the ever-expanding Internet. Many companies constantly need fresh new content on a daily basis and rely on freelance writers.

If you work for some companies, they may ask you to provide a resume to show your work experience. However, many companies only ask you to submit a sample to demonstrate your writing skills. Before applying for any freelance writing job, make sure to create a few writing samples and have a friend edit them thoroughly. If your writing sample is strong, many clients will ask you to write articles about a wide variety of topics.

Do you know another language? Many people earn a sizable income by translating important documents to and from English. Again, like freelance writing, you will be asked to provide a writing sample. However, there are many businesses that need their content to be translated into several languages and rely on the skills of a translator. For freelance writing and translating documents, you must have impeccable grammar skills.

Web Design

In your spare time, do you design websites for your friends? Well, now may be the time to make a few dollars off your talent. Web design can be very lucrative especially if you know how to create very intricate, artistic images on the site. With web design, you should create a variety of different templates to show to your potential clients.

In addition, you should have a quality computer that can handle certain web design software. Finally, it may be useful to familiarize yourself with HTML and other codes. You can work for an individual or freelance for an actual company.

You can also promote yourself as someone who does website maintenance. Every site needs to be update routinely so you may be able to charge a monthly fee to regularly update and remove information.

Create an E-Commerce Store

Many people are choosing to start their own e-commerce site as a way to earn income. If you sell a product, you can make a great deal of money by offering it online. You can sell on a number of platforms including eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. You can also create your own site and market through your network of friends and family. If you are looking to make some additional income as a beginner, then this may be a good freelance job to try. In many cases, you need very little start up money to begin your growing business.

Data Entry

A variety of companies need freelance data entry workers to input important data into their systems. In many cases, these data entry freelancers can go through a temporary agency or contract directly with the company. In some instances, the company will ask you to undergo a series of tests to prove your typing competency.

Many companies are also offering jobs for data entry freelancers via the web also. In this case, you may be required to input some information into a database. Data entry freelancing can be a great way for beginners to further develop their writing skills.

Social Media Manager

Are you constantly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Then perhaps you should market yourself as an online social media manager for individuals or a small company. You can market a company online through a network of friends, introducing others to the company. Through social media, you can encourage others to frequent a client’s website and even purchase items. Social media marketing is an up and coming career path and freelancing may be a great way to build your resume.

Freelance Artist

Many artists make a lucrative income marketing their products online. You can utilize social media to promote your items. You can also contact the various online platforms that can market your art for a fee. Some artists also design certain art pieces specifically for a business or home. If you are a talented artist and want to make a few dollars, then consider monetizing your work.

In this day in age, you can make a great deal of money by freelancing. There are many jobs that are available on the Internet that can provide you with a regular stable income as a freelancer. Investigate all of your options thoroughly and find a freelance job that allows you to utilize your strengths and build your resume.



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