8 Smartphone Apps to Save You Time & Money

Tablets and smartphones are such handy little devices, wouldn’t you say? Who could have ever imagined that you could have the world in your pocket? But, there it is and anything you want to know or need to see, is right at your fingertips.

But, here’s the problem with that; it’s so easy to get distracted. When you’re working, walking, cooking, even in the restaurant, there is a time to put the devices down and just enjoy.

Games and social media on smartphones are fun; but before you know it, almost an hour has passed and you haven’t gotten to your work-load yet. Your phone can be a help or a hinder – you decide. And with 7 smartphone apps to save you time and money, it’s really easy to get productive once and for all.

Your phone can be a tool for good, no matter what anyone says. Everyone knows about Amazon and its app; but if you’ve never installed it, do so now, because you’re missing out on so much.

With the following 7 apps for your phone, you will save money, time and get more productive, too. See for yourself!

Money Saving Apps


Probably my #1 favorite app, Ibotta has helped me save hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands over the entire time I’ve been using it. They are partnered with 284 major stores that you likely shop with on a weekly basis.

How it works:

Before you go shopping open the app on your phone and choose the store you’ll be shopping at. Then see which products are available for a rebate and add them to your shopping list. Once you get home, take a picture of your receipt from within the app and you’ll get money back for the products you purchased.

Gas Buddy or Waze
Just about everyone drives, and with gas prices going up and down every week, one of the best ways to save a few dollars, is to find cheap gas. Gas Buddy is one of the longest running and well known apps when it comes to looking for affordable fuel. You can find it in Android, iOS, and even for your desktop. Gas Buddy will show you where the gas is, estimate trip costs for you, and give you price alerts. Waze is very similar, even giving you nice color-coded information, so you’ll see the best gas stations first. Very handy, if you ask me.

This very popular app will give you the ability to use in-store coupons, scan products for the best deals, and get up to the minute deals. There are a zillion places that advertise money off purchases; Kohl’s, Old Navy, Ebay, JCPenney, Lands End, Hotels.com, Amazon, New York & Co., Lancome, Hertz, and on and on and on. Never pay full price again for those items you love; check out how much you can save with Ebates every day.

Clarity Money
Is your financial life all over the map? Are you even aware anymore, of credit cards you still have, or what better deals are waiting for you? At Clarity Money, this very useful app will help you take control of your money once again. Clarity Money looks at your overall financial picture; they then offer you unbiased recommendations. Clarity Money helps you to cancel wasteful accounts, tracks your spending, and helps you to create working savings plans. Get a real grip on your money by getting serious about it. With Clarity Money you will and it won’t hurt a bit.

Productivity Apps

Trello & Asana
Both of these apps are project management tools and both offer basic versions and paid ones as well. These are great for your business, especially when you want to connect with your team or co-workers all in one place. Asana is more ‘list-based’, whereas Trello is easier on the eyes, aka visual. So, you can decide which one you like better; or you can work with both, as you can integrate both apps together. It really is easy getting productive and these apps are great helps!

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, but for those not familiar Evernote is what the company refers to as your “second brain.” Here you can capture, organize and share notes from anywhere. If you truly want to declutter your life, Evernote will help you do that. Your notes can include links, webpages, audio, attachments, checklists and anything you can think of. You can stick with the basic version or move into a paid version, it’s up to you. Either way, Evernote lets you sync your account across several devices, so everything is right at your fingertips.

Saving Time Apps


Messing around on SnapChat, Twitter or Facebook can often take you away from your real work. Now with RescueTime, you’ll find out just how productive you are being. RescueTime sets alerts so you will know how long you’ve been on websites, apps, or other places. You can use RescueTime on both your computer and your phone. Once you see where you’re constantly wasting time, you can set goals that are achievable and get your productivity back. Don’t wonder any more where your time is going; get RescueTime. It’s better than your watch.

Mind42 is a free online mind mapping software. It runs in your browser to create mind maps which helps you to visually organize your information. If you love mind mapping, this is the app for you. You can brainstorm ideas, create to-do lists, organize your events or upcoming meetings. You can share your data with others, too. Mind42 is the best free mind mapping app out there. So, learn to focus your thoughts with this very effective tool.

There are so many productivity apps out there that finding the most effective ones can be confusing. Here’s a list that won’t disappoint. So, sort out your life, get it organized right down to your inbox, plan to do things and DO them. It’s as simple as picking up your smartphone.



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