Organizing Hacks For a Better Life

One of the best DIY projects to undertake is one that organizes your home or your business.  Who doesn’t like that? You can use organizing hacks for your entire house, one room, or even one corner of a room. Where do you need the help the most? That’s where you should begin.

When you add style to your home and save money at the same time, that’s pretty cool. If you love using items in ways they were never originally intended, well then, consider yourself a hacker! But, only in the best ways.

The next time you’re tempted to throw away things that you think should be in the garbage can, think again. Many of these items can be re-used and look great for organizing and adding some color to areas of your home.

Bread Tags

Don’t we just all love those little plastic tags that hold loaves of bread together? Lots of bread comes with these tags and not the ties, and if you look in your breadbox, chances are there might be one or two lone ones just hanging in there. You can use these little bread tags for organizing your multiple wires, especially those that are plugged in behind your computers or TVs. You know what I’m talking about, those plug strips with multiple plugin areas. When something goes wrong, which plug do you pull? You definitely don’t want to pull all of them out and mess everything up. For every plug, you can put a little bread tag around it with what it is attached to. How nice is that!

Shopping Bag Organizers

Little gift bags come in such pretty colors; everything from bold pinks to pastel blues. These are great for organizing a wall in your office. Tack them to the wall, then fill them up with your favorite items which don’t have to take up space on your desk anymore. They look great in multiple colors; or all the same color. You decide.


We all tend to treat drawers like giant catch-alls. All socks go in here, all underwear goes in there, all short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, etc. just get thrown willy-nilly. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Container organizers should be used in every drawer in your bedroom. (You can work on your kitchen at a later date.) When you separate things out, again you’ll come across items that you don’t need anymore, don’t want anymore, and just want to give away or toss. Do it! Container organizers allow you to organize your life by days of the week or even by season.

Magnetic Paint

If you have small children who constantly bring home their beloved artwork from school, why not paint one wall in your kitchen with magnetic paint? Then you can use all those little magnets which adorn your refrigerator to hold up all the kid’s artwork, only away from the center of activity in your kitchen. And all their school stuff is right there to see. Speaking of magnetic, you can buy magnetic strips from home improvement stores and put them on the backs of your medicine cabinets. Then put your nail clippers, hair clips, tweezers and the like right on the strip. Easy to find and easy to put back.

PVC Pipe Organizer

Believe it or not, you can buy PVC pipe that you would use under your sink, and turn it into a place to store hair dryers, curling items and the like. Perfect for an unused corner in the bathroom. Everyone will always know where these items are.

Ice Cube Tray Organizer

This is a nice one. Organize all your earrings or rings by purchasing some inexpensive plastic ice cube trays. Keep them in your drawers with your most worn items. You’ll never have to wonder where your favorite jewelry is ever again.

Tin Cans

Did you know you can re-purpose tin cans for holding just about anything, especially in your home office, bathroom or kitchen? They can be painted, or use draw liners that stick right on them. Color-coordinate them and then put them to good use. They hold all sorts of things; everything from pencils, paper clips, post-it notes, scissors, rubber bands, hair clips, brushes, to cosmetics and more. A great project for your kids, by the way.

Shoe Organizers

Everyone has a linen closet or perhaps a walk-in closet where you can store lots of items you don’t readily use everyday. Things like cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, vacuums, seasonal candles and décor, towels, and these more usually find their way into closets or drawers and take up space which can be used in other ways. Well, now with a shoe organizer, your organizing troubles are over. Be sure to buy a large shoe organizer, then start filling it with all manner of cleaning supplies, right on the back of the door. You can put lots of items in those shoe spaces too; all of your cleaning and polishing bottles and cans, right down to towels and washcloths, toilet paper and paper towels. You’ll free up drawers and closet space for even more organizing; how nice is that!

Here’s the best part about organizing: you will come upon items you no longer use or don’t even know why you still have them. Throw. Them. Out. That’s key to organizing. You make it so easy on yourself, too. Because simplifying your life is really what you’re after here. Once you know where all of your house (or office) is located, at a glance, you’ll feel so much better. And your house will thank you for it. Well, not really, but it certainly will look good!



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