What You Might Be Missing at the Dollar Store

Don’t you just love the dollar store? Who doesn’t like looking up and down the aisles for things you never see in any other place? You can find some of the greatest stuff in the dollar store. And if you are looking to save money, (and who isn’t) this is the place to find many unique and underlooked items.

Too often when it comes to items we need, we tend to pick them up in supermarkets or big box stores, like Wal-Mart. Each dollar store, and you may have more than one around your neighborhood, has things that range all the way from trash to treasure.

It’s finding the good stuff that’s the fun stuff!

So, here is a list of the BEST in dollar store finds, to make your life a little easier, and cheaper, too!

Seasonal Items

Every season has its fun holidays and themes. You can find many quality items for decorating your home or for giveaways for your family. Items for decorating your home in seasonal colors with wreaths, table décor, window stickers, and more are all available at the dollar store. Especially if you are having a backyard pool party, there are plenty of items for the kids to play with or take home. Barbecues, Halloween, Easter, the Fourth of July and more; you can eat your heart out at the dollar store.

Educational Items

Aside from the coloring books, (which are great time-passers), there are items such as wall posters and flash cards not to be overlooked at the dollar store. Flash cards can be all about math or words and grammar and they come in different grade levels, too. There are always neat items such as wall posters, cut-outs and workbooks that are great to keep your kids learning, especially in summer.


Believe it or not, you can find some pretty nifty glassware at the dollar store. You can find items such as martini glasses, glass votives for candles, oil and vinegar receptacles, and all manner of plates, large and small. Buy what you need when you’re there, because once they run out, they may not get back what was originally there. Even mugs for coffee and tea are perfect for picking up in the dollar store. If you’re planning a special event such as a bridal or baby shower, these items are the best for making a splash.

Storage Items

Yes, you can even find all manner of small kitchen storage containers at the dollar store. They have everything from those aluminum food containers which you can use for picnics or church gatherings, sandwich bags for lunches, toss and go containers when you’re storing leftovers, and even baskets for multiple items. You can organize your kitchen or closets very nicely when you start to notice all of the storage items that are available at the dollar store.


Usually there is a whole wall devoted to these small items. Everything from a knife sharpener, coffee pods, parers, pruners, spatulas, egg timers, kitchen timers, gloves, knives, wooden spoons, large spoons or forks, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, milk dispensers, juicers, pizza cutters, cheese graters,  shish-kebob sticks, bbq items, oven timers, and so many more items, too numerous to list. Pay attention to everything that’s there, because many items are very handy to have in your home.


Surprisingly, you can find many brand-name items on the shelves. They really are worth your money if you regularly buy these items elsewhere. Many dollar stores nationwide, now carry even a nice line of frozen and refrigerated items. Occasionally, you’ll see something that isn’t in stock too much; but if you get to know the staff, they might be more than happy to put something aside for you if they know you’ll be in for it. Many of the food items are more than one dollar; but you save in the long run, over what you would pay in the supermarkets.

Party Supplies

From crepe paper, wrapping paper, cards, ribbon, to kids party game prizes, there is a ton of party supplies to find at the dollar store. For backyard bbqs, pool parties, or seasonal parties, stock a “treasure chest” with all things from the dollar store for the kids to dig in to and find; they will love it and it won’t break your bank. Don’t forget the balloons, snack cups, party plates, utensils, and paper gift sacks. It’s amazing all the things you can find on the cheap.

So there you have it; items that are great to buy, have or give away and all from the dollar store. Note that most things are good to buy, and there may be items that you’ll want to buy elsewhere, but not many.

Just a short list of things NOT to buy at the Dollar Store:

Skin creams (you don’t know where they are from)

Toothpaste (same thing)

Paper plates (unless you find something sturdy, don’t waste your dollar)

Crayons (unfortunately, they are not the best quality)

Dolls (stick to your big stores for the best dollys)

Scented Candles (poor quality)

Food items (watch expiration dates, but some things such as eggs, milk and frozen items can be valuable to buy.)

Just a word of caution: be prepared to buy more than you anticipated, if you bring your kids along. But, hey, that’s half the fun!

All dollar stores are different, some larger than others, and all have different names. But be sure to look closely when you’re in one, because you just may be missing out on some of the best stuff; and all for only $1. Although, there are items in dollar stores that cost more than $1, just so you know.



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