10 Side Jobs You’ve Never Heard of That You Can Start Today

Make room in your wallet – We’ve found 10 side gigs you can start doing in the next 5 minutes and most of them you can do from your smart phone or laptop.

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How to Earn a Full-Time Income From Home
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Great! Now let’s warm up with something nice and easy…

1. Become A Work at Home Social Media Manager

You’re already spending time on social media why not get paid to do it for companies and business owners who simply don’t have time.

Read Annie’s story and see how she makes over $700 per week helping businesses with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

2. Get Paid To Write (even if you hate writing)

Who knew small writing gigs paid so well? Having paid over $8 Million dollars out to it’s members, Writing Jobs Online is teaching “Average Joe’s” how to bank some serious side loot writing short articles and blog posts.

Talking to Glen Anderson, founder of Writing Jobs Online, they bring on hundreds of new writing gigs daily and even mediocre writers can make a nice income writing articles, blog posts, resume’s and hundreds of other projects.

3. Sell Photos Taken On Your Smartphone

Dang, why didn’t I think of this?! Now you can get paid up to $5 per picture you take with your smart phone from PhotographyJobsOnline

All it takes is a smartphone with a decent camera and some basic photography skills and you can be cashing in big. Simply setup your account with PhotographyJobsOnline and you’re ready to start cashing in on all those pictures on your phone!

4. Get Paid To Test Apps

Did you know there are over 12,000 new apps launched daily on the Android Marketplace and Apple Store? Companies developing these apps need testers to work out the bugs and they are willing to pay big!

A new platform called AppCoiner will pay you to test and review apps and the only limit to your income is how many apps you test.

5. Do This While You’re Watching TV

Did you know market research companies like Survey Junkie and are always looking for people to voice their opinions about TV shows, consumer products and services?

Why not earn some cash while you’re vegged out on the couch?

Survey Junkie is one of very few legitimate market research companies around plus they’re free to join! When you create your account with them be sure to click the confirmation link in the email they send you or you won’t receive the survey invites.

6. Mock Jury Duty From Home (pays much better)

Jury duty to be quite honest just sucks and the pay is even worse but what if you could do it from home and make $10-$60 per hour? Now were talkin!

National Research Staffing will actually pay you to serve as a mock juror and provide your feedback and verdict for a case based on presented evidence, court documents and attorney notes. This helps the attorneys decide how the case might turn out in the actual court room.

The best part, you can serve your time for decent pay and do it all from your home computer 😉

7. Do Mindless Gigs on Fiverr

The marketplace where you can sell your skills or services for $5 or more. Everything from shooting a quick video testimonial for a company with your smartphone to handing out flyers around town Fiverr is the place to do it.

A popular gig to offer for beginners is video testimonials that you can shoot from anywhere you have a smartphone. To get started create a Fiverr account, setup your gig with examples of your work and describe what you will provide for $5. Fiverr now offers service providers the opportunity to sell more expensive packages so get creative and you’ll have no problem rounding up a couple hundred bucks each month working very part-time.

8. Get Paid To Be a Search Engine Evaluator

Think Google doesn’t make mistakes? You’re dead wrong. Great for us right because you can get paid up to $12 an hour looking through search results and finding mistakes. Most search engines, especially Google is obsessed with making sure it’s search results are as accurate and helpful as possible. Makes sense right? If we can’t trust these search engines to provide accurate info then we will move on to one that does.

Here’s 3 companies who can get you setup as a Search Engine Evaluator:

9. Save Your Grocery Receipts & Cash In

If you have a smartphone and go grocery shopping you’re in for some extra money this year! Go download the Ibotta app and take pictures of your receipts to score cash back.

It’s easy, setup the free Ibotta app on your phone, unlock the available rebates, purchase the items and take a picture of your receipt and submit them to get paid.

10. Work at Home For U-Haul

More and more big companies across the US are hiring home workers because it’s keeps costs down. Uhaul joined that growing list today and they are looking for customer service and sales reps to work from home.

Visit Uhaul’s website and see what positions interest you. No experience or college degree is required so jump on this while you can!

There you have it, 10 ways to make more money on the side and some of the gigs we mentioned you may want to take on full-time. Do you know something we might have missed? Comment below, tag a friend who might be looking for work and if you’ve worked with any of these companies let us know in the comments.



How to Earn a Full-Time Income From Home
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