22 Companies Who Need Your Help From Home

Most people dream of working from the comfort of their own home but are unsure of how to find trustworthy opportunities. The internet is packed with scams and schemes and that are crucial to avoid. Fortunately, legitimate employers offer a surprising number of job options.

Read on to learn about 22 companies that offer the opportunity to make money from home.

1. Convergys

Convergys, a large company, hires for positions in sales, customer service, and technical support. Pay is usually between $7 and $12 per hour. As a bonus, the company offers a full benefits package including health coverage, a 401K plan, and education reimbursement.

2. Tutor.com

Tutor.com hires experienced, knowledgeable tutors to connect virtually with students in need of assistance in particular subjects. The hourly rate of pay is generally between $10 to $14.

3. Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Enterprise Rent-a-Car offers a variety of employment opportunities including customer service positions, claims processing, sales, field marketing engineers, and more. Use the keyword “work at home” when searching their career site.

4. Liveops

Liveops receives calls in response to television infomercials. The job is flexible and does not require previous experience in customer service.

5. Time Etc.

Time Etc. hires virtual assistants with a minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience, excellent grammar skills, and strong organizing abilities. Pay averages around $11 to $16 an hour.

6. UHaul

UHaul, a well-known and trusted company, offers a variety of opportunities including customer service, sales, roadside assistance, and reservations.

7. Sitel

Sitel, a call center, is often hiring agents. Pay is usually around $9 an hour and, as a bonus, the job includes benefits.

8. Gengo

If you speak several languages, consider a position as a freelance translator with Gengo.

9. Sedgwick

This company hires positions in insurance claims filing. These jobs involve talking with customers over the phone, providing online chat support, and general customer service. Pay is around $10 per hour.

10. Worldwide 101

Worldwide 101 hires independent contractors and usually pays between $15 to $20 based on qualifications and experience.

11. Ver-a-Fast

This company hires phone agents to speak with customers and assist them with their newspaper subscriptions. Pay is generally around $150 to $200 each week.

12. Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions hires employees to take calls from people that have unpaid parking tickets. A patient disposition is required as customers are often upset about their situation. Pay is around $9 to $10 in the beginning but can increase to as much as $12 to $13 upon gaining more experience.

13. Asurion

This company hires customer service representatives to answer questions and handle any concerns their clients may have. The rate of pay is around $9 an hour and includes paid training. Once trained, employees receive benefits as well.

14. Lifebushido

Lifebushido has a list of clients searching for virtual assistants to carry out tasks such as handling phone calls, creating logos, scheduling appointments, and web design. Pay is reported to be around $10 an hour.

15. Aloricia at Home

Aloricia at Home employs remote agents and provides flexible hours with an hourly rate of about $9.

16. Tele Tech

Tele Tech employs remote call center agents. Pay ranges from between $8.50 to $10.50 per hour and the company provides a full benefits package including paid holidays, health coverage, and a 401K plan.

17. VIPdesk Connect

This company hires employees to handle customer service. Pay is around $9 to $15 an hour. VIPdesk Connect also offers a full benefits package including paid vacation, paid holidays, and medical coverage.

18. Metaverse Mod Squad

Metaverse Mod Squad frequently hires agents to serve as moderators on social media forums.

19. Apple

Apple offers a range of remote positions in areas such as marketing, operations, sales, finance, retail, and engineering.

20. UserTesting.com

This site pays you to test websites and rate their design, organization, and more. Each test takes around 15 minutes to complete. A webcam and microphone are required in order to complete testing. It helps to register with more than one site since opportunities can be limited. Additional sites that pay you to rate websites include YouEye.com and Userlytics.com.

21. Humana

For those with nursing degrees, consider applying with a health management company like Humana. Workers are hired to handle duties including patient education, treatment authorization, and case management. Additional companies that hire similar positions include Aetna and UnitedHealth Group. Pay is competitive – around $50,000 per year.

22. Google

Google hires Search Engine Evaluators to search for particular information and rate the results that come up. Pay is around $9 to $10 per hour and hours are part-time (usually between 10 to 25 per week).

All in all, it is possible to find legitimate work-at-home opportunities that will allow you to enjoy the convenience and comfort of earning money from your own home. By using our list of 22 companies that hire work from home agents, your search will be far easier.

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