5 Home Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $100

Have you ever wanted so much to start your own business and be your own boss? Sometimes people may have great ideas and the passion for starting a business, but for some reason, mostly money, they get derailed. In this article, there is great news for you. You will get five of the best home businesses that you can start with as little capital as $100 or less.

Doing odd jobs may not be the best way to pay your bills. Most of them are painstaking and especially if you are growing much older and would like to settle down. You can use the ideas discussed below to start yourself a home business that earns you extra money. It may appear too good at first, but after going through these entrepreneurship ideas that can be implemented with $100 or less, you’ll think differently.

1. Freelancing

You have probably heard of this before. With freelancing, you can get to do what you like online be it web developing, writing and even online marketing. With this business idea, you only require your laptop, talent or skills and a stable internet connection. Take advantage of the numerous websites posting myriads of freelance gigs that you could start on right away.

Most of these gigs work on a ‘the more you do, the more you earn basis.’ Therefore, if you are a self-motivated person with eyes on the price, it will be a gold mine for you. Start off by going through the freelancer guide, which will show you what to and what not to do all the way. As a headstart here’s a list of what you can look into:

• Blogging- create unique informational content on topics you are familiar with and post in on your blog.
• Resume writing service
• Creating informational products like eBooks or instructional videos.
• The Web and social website management.

Start freelancing today and get paid by the hour. In a little time, you will be able to raise more than a person on a fixed salary.

2. Homemade Soaps

Making soap is a simple craft you can learn in a short period. Just go online and follow the various online soap making tutorials to gain the required basic knowledge and the tricks of the trade. The process involves a few materials and tools that you can acquire locally. Making soap involves mixing up variant forms of oil together with lye and flavors or scents. Start off today by ordering a standard mold enough to make 12 bars for as little as $10 on Amazon.

You will not be competing with the commercially manufactured soaps from famous brands, therefore, venture into specialty products. For instance, you can get a new scent or an innovative way of packaging. Also, market it in a way that will put you ahead of the competition without involving usage of extra cash.

One way of doing this is by initially starting small by selling it to friends, then investing in a booth near a flea market or the regular craft shows. Eventually, you can start your site providing all soap solutions and delivery to various locations near you. The business has such great potential and could mature into a multimillion-dollar franchise.

3. eBay

Anyone can join this vast marketing place. You can start selling for some extra cash. Today, most people such as family and friends have a bunch of stuff they would like to get rid of. On the other hand, several entrepreneurs have put up businesses for selling and shipment services at a commission. You can join this niche by working on a commission basis for these people and later starting to move your own goods.

For instance, you could approach sites like liquidation.com to get goods in bulk at a let-off price and then sell them individually. Most of the entrepreneurs at eBay charge a commission of 20% on the items they sell for others. You can take advantage of the commission without necessarily having to be the goods owner.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can start off by creating a simple website where you have links to the sales of a much larger company’s goods and services, for instance, the popular Amazon Affiliates program. In this business, you will be paid based on the clients you refer to the product company. Google AdSense is another affiliate marketing platform. There is no limit to the money you’ll make in this business. However, your earnings are pegged on the traffic on your site.

5. Coaching, Training, Consultation and Web Design

This class of business depends on your skills heavily as an individual. Employ these skills to raise your business in just a few days. For a start, the $100 can be used to acquire a domain name and a WordPress template on which you will host your stuff. Posting valuable information on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will add traffic to your site. To start making money go out, network and find speaking opportunities in joint ventures.

You can get a business card from Vista print as a way of networking if you are on a tight budget. You can later expand your website to offer online coaching forums as well as consultation at a certain fee. That way, the number of people visiting your site will increase. Web designing is also lucrative as businesses are always popping up, most of which requires a website to market their products.

Therefore, get off your comfort zone; pick any of the five listed ways on how you can start your own business with as little as $100.



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