5 Major Companies Hiring Home Based Workers

No more alarm clocks, no more traffic to sit through and even better…No more BOSS breathing down your neck!

Welcome to the world of working from home!

While landing a position working from home doesn’t mean you can goof off all day, it does mean you can decide to wear pants to work or not and if that’s not reason enough to quit your traditional job for a position at home, I don’t know what is.

We are always looking for companies who are hiring home based workers and surprisingly a lot of companies you know very well have work at home jobs available. Let’s start with a big one:


Yep, the web giant is hiring telecommuters for customer service positions and while they don’t advertise these jobs they are easy to find on their jobs website.

Pay starts at $11/hour. Search “work from home” or “CSA” in the keyword field on their jobs website.

American Express

Amex is hiring virtual travel agents and some sales and corporate positions can be home based. Visit their career website and use the following search terms to find work at home jobs: work at home, telecommute, virtual



Did you know Apple had a job from home titled “Apple at Home Advisor”? Well now you do and it’s not a bad gig. You’ll simply be answering questions about Apple products and services and did I mention they supply you with an iMac computer and headset? All you need is an internet connection, a quiet place to work and desire to help people.


When was the last time you called a taxi for a ride? I’ll find an Uber before I ever get in a taxi and anyone who’s taken an Uber ride will probably agree. It’s usually much cheaper and faster unless you live in a city laden with the yellow car and it’s catching on like wildfire.

Good news! You can become an Uber driver in a few days by starting with an online application. Don’t have a car? No problem! Uber will connect you with a rental company who will let you rent cars just for working with Uber, and yes at a rate you can still make good money with.

Apply for Uber


If you have a passion for writing or even if you’re good at it but really hate it, About.com might pay you to write for them. With virtually endless topics to choose from you can land a freelance gig that works around your schedule. Learn more at About.com

Have you worked for any of these companies? Do you currently work from home from another major company? Share with us in the comments below.



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